About Mining Journal's 'Digging for Climate Change' initiative

An exclusive platform to help set a practical path to improved engagement, reduced risk and better practices

Mining Journal is proud to announce the launch of its Climate Programme - 'Digging for climate change'.

Climate change has become a priority on the C-suite agenda, however, the emergence of the concern as it relates specifically to mining has happened at such speed that mining executives - already working on transformation programmes centred on digitalisation, automation and social licence - have found it difficult to keep pace.

'Digging for climate change' will look to accomplish three goals:

- Establish the core considerations for mining companies that need to understand their obligations in responding to the climate challenge

- Engage with external stakeholders to promote the necessity of key minerals in the energy transition and a carbon-neutral future

- Plot the path forward toward achieving 2030 targets and beyond based on progressive policy and incoming technologies.

Phase one of the programme will be focused on this first point - understanding mining and climate change - and will work exclusively with industry groups to build a body of content in March that will be promoted over the first quarter.

The second, elongated phase will start in June and run for six months, bringing in an enlarged stakeholder group for a conversation around both the mining industry's role in delivering the raw materials to combat climate change and how mining practices must change with the aid of new technologies to become a carbon-neutral industry and meet stated emissions goals.

The multimedia platform will carry that conversation through podcast recordings, video interviews, thought-leadership articles, a research report, and a whitepaper review.

The programme is our response to the rising expectations and obligations being thrust upon miners around climate change, the industry's clear ambition to meet those obligations, and an equally clear lack of understanding around the tools and expertise needed to do so.

The intention is to use Mining Journal’s unrivalled global subscriber base – alongside the distribution network of sister publications Mining Magazine, Mining News, Mining News Brazil and Australia’s Mining Monthly – to deliver that high-level, stakeholder-inclusive conversation to the broader sector so it is better equipped to engage, manage risk, and improve best practice.

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