Russian steel and mining company Severstal plans to cooperate with natural gas producer Novatek covering on a pilot project for the production of ‘blue’ hydrogen from natural gas using carbon capture and storage technology.

The pilot is part of an agreement signed on wider collaboration on the development of hydrogen, alternative energy, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction technologies, the companies said.

Severstal and Novatek's experts will jointly work on the engineering solutions for the pilot, including the production and supply of hydrogen transportation pipelines, turbines, and hydrogen storage systems and transport tanks.

The companies also agreed to partner on the production and supply of hydrogen and the development of technological solutions for the useof fuels based on hydrogen and its carriers, including ammonia. 

“We expect to see rapid growth in technologies and projects for the capture and storage of CO2 as well as for the production of hydrogen,” said Alexey Mordashov, chairman of the Board of Directors of Severstal.

“In working towards the global goal of achieving a low carbon economy, Severstal is developing a number of solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities and expand its range of products produced using carbon-free fuels.”