General resources around climate change

Mining Journal is building a library of resources to grow industry knowledge around climate change and tool up miners, developers and explorers for the discussions that will dominate agendas for the next decade.

Minviro resources

Minviro have produced a number of publicly-available life cycle assessment studies in different formats for a host of raw material supply chains. Each of these highlight the need for comprehensive environmental impact quantification.

Onyen Corporation – planet Earth’s ESG reporting solution

Onyen Corporation recognizes the importance of educating both public and private companies on the importance of ESG reporting and its significance in gaining access to alternative sources of capital and funding channels.

Polyus resources

At Polyus, we recognise both the moral and economic imperative of working with our stakeholders and the broader industry to reduce the mining sector’s contribution to global warming. Our knowledge centre aims to inspire, encourage and support our peers in the global mining community, to accelerate positive change by sharing our own perspectives and experiences.

Global leaders in environmental and advisory solutions

Read SLR Insights touching on three of the fundamental areas to unlock decarbonization in the mining industry. We discuss the “electrification of everything” in the industry. Next, we re-imagine mining companies transitioning from a traditional linear supply to become a key player in a circular economy model, proactively taking hold of the future of raw material supply. And lastly, we consider the changing profile of metals demand as the transition to greener energy takes hold and in particular the role battery metals will play.

Explore resources sharing our global consultants’ technical expertise

Addressing challenges facing the mining industry today, our knowledge centre shares informative articles and presentations by our experts. Learn about new methodologies and technologies that will help you achieve your goals at every project stage from exploration to closure.

World Gold Council Resources

The World Gold Council and its members recognise that climate change imposes very substantial risks to the global economy and socio-economic development. Policy makers, industry stakeholders, asset owners, investors and wider society, are now eager for a greater understanding of these risks and their potential consequences, and how these might be mitigated or managed in future. In response to this, the WGC introduced a dedicate 'gold and climate change' programme. This programme of research and engagement is focused on gold's current and future climate impacts and the potential pathway to decarbonisation, and consideration of possible climate-related impacts on the global gold market and gold's performance as an investment asset.

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