Sarah Bell

Sarah joined ICMM in January 2019 as Director of Health, Safety and Product Stewardship, in which her decision to join the organisation was largely motivated by her upbringing in a copper mining community in Australia. She is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership on ICMM’s collaborative Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles initiative, materials stewardship, responsible sourcing, and health and safety.

Sarah has 19 years’ of sustainability experience in the mining industry across Australia, Asia, Africa and South America. Most recently, she worked at MMG as Group Manager - Organisational Development, working with the executive and senior leaders globally to facilitate outcomes in organisational change, diversity and inclusion and leadership development.  She holds a Bachelor of Science, with Honours from the University of Tasmania, Australia.


The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) is an international organisation dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining and metals industry. Bringing together 28 mining and metals companies and over 35 regional and commodities associations, it strengthens environmental and social performance and serves as a catalyst for change, enhancing mining’s contribution to society. Every ICMM company member adheres to its Mining Principles which incorporates comprehensive environmental, social and governance requirements, robust site-level validation of Performance Expectations and credible assurance of corporate sustainability reports.

Climate change is one of the key global challenges of our time. The increasing level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is steadily raising the temperature of the land and oceans, which, as a consequence, is increasing the severity and occurrence of extreme weather events and accelerating the melting of the ice caps. To meet the Paris Agreement climate goal of keeping global warming well below 2C, ICMM company members recognise that they have a responsibility to reduce their emissions by implementing operational level adaptation and mitigation solutions.

ICMM’s Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV) initiative brings together members and the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to collaborate in a non-competitive space to accelerate the development of a new generation of mining vehicles and improve existing ones. The ICSV initiative aims to introduce greenhouse gas emission-free surface mining vehicles by 2040, minimise the operational impact of diesel exhaust by 2025, and make vehicle collision avoidance technology available to mining companies by 2025.