Laurie Clark

Founder, CEO and Director

Ms. Clark, best known for building trading systems and securities exchange systems around the world, is now focused on Onyen - Planet Earth's ESG reporting solution.

Understanding the need for the resource industry to access alternative sources of capital, Ms. Clark uses her unique insight and reach to the Capital Markets to not only provide a cost efficient and powerful ESG reporting system, but one that drives investment dollars to resources companies on the Onyen platform.

A trading and finance expert, and a serial entrepreneur, Ms. Clark started, grew and sold 3 prior companies. Presently the Founder of 3 fintech companies, she also advises, invests in or capital raises for private and public companies, and twice awarded the "Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada" in 2017 and 2019.

Ms. Clark is best known in Capital Markets circles as Principal, Director and Shareholder of Dataphile Software Ltd, the first AI trading, clearing, and settlement system in North America, founded in Vancouver, Canada and sold to ADP NY in 2003, now known as Broadridge. Ms. Clark is Chair of the Board for a private equity company and Independent Board of Director for a Futures Options and Swaps Exchange in North America.

Onyen Corporation

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting is a crucial component to the success of resource companies as investors, both retail and institutional, are increasingly using these indicators when evaluating investment opportunities.

Onyen Corporation offers an innovative software solution to not only complete a company’s ESG reporting obligations, but to also elevate its’ ESG profile to the benefit of all key stakeholders. Profile driven reporting to meet the reporting needs of the target audience. Now the Corporate Social Responsibility associate, the CEO, the Investor, the Board of Directors and the Ratings Agencies can review the reports according to their specific requirements.

A significant challenge to producing inclusive and transparent ESG Reports for all stakeholders is ensuring the reports adhere to a growing list of international standards and frameworks. Onyen’s solution recognizes and aggregates all frameworks ensuring you stay current.

Onyen has made ESG reporting easy and cost efficient for all resource companies. With Onyen’s powerful features including:

• benchmarking,

• audit controls,

• auto calculations,

• reference ranges that immediately highlight how to manage outcomes,

• year-over-year trend analysis, and

• the Executive Dashboard, an overview of how your company is faring in real-time. The dashboard is able to indicate key metrics and convey measured results, thus ensuring companies make informed decisions.

ONYEN also supports corporate governance at the Board level through its alignment with rating agencies, ensuring outcomes and key indicators are in line with corporate goals and performance measurements. Rating agencies benefit from obtaining insight and using company and sector data sets for comparative benchmarking.

However, the benefits of ESG reporting go beyond satisfying the needs of these varied and critical stakeholders. ESG reporting is a gateway to the financial markets. Banks and Institutional Investors are increasingly making investment decisions based on ESG criteria. For example, stock market regulators are now looking at ESG ratings before giving approval to publicly traded mergers and acquisitions within the resource sector.

“ESG Reporting ultimately leads to investment dollars; and banks and other institutions have made it pretty clear that if resource companies don’t report, they will not be taken seriously or included in funding channels” says Onyen Corporation’s Founder and CEO, Laurie Clark.