About Us

SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting practice providing focused advice and solutions to clients, mainly for the mining and exploration industries. We offer specialist services for the entire life cycle of a mining project from exploration to closure and across the full spectrum of mineral commodities.

Formed in 1974, SRK employs more than 1,400 professionals internationally in 45 offices on 6 continents. Our specialists are leaders in due diligence, preparation of feasibility studies (FS), and fields such as geology and resources, geotechnical and mine engineering, mining and environmental geochemistry, mine waste and water management, permitting, mine closure, and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). The industry background of many of our people ensures that our advice is not only technically sound, but also thoroughly practical.

The SRK Group is an employee owned organisation and does not hold equity in any project. This permits our consultants to provide clients with conflict-free and objective support on crucial issues.  

Ethics and Sustainability

We are committed to conducting our business in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner and remaining accountable to our clients, communities and employees

We recognize our responsibility to encourage and support development that can be sustained environmentally, socially and economically for the lasting benefit of the stakeholders involved. This includes briefing clients on the likely economic impact of their projects, how to earn the social license to operate, and the effect of social risk on project and company valuations.

Climate Change

We possess a thorough understanding of climate change policy principles and objectives as well as in-depth knowledge of local policy and legislative frameworks.

Using our interdisciplinary environmental and social sciences expertise, we help clients develop and implement climate change strategies in accordance with national and international policies. Our team of climate change experts provides a range of services enabling industries to effectively manage their risk with respect to climate change. By managing, analysing, and interpreting data, we help clients make informed decisions on mitigating—and developing adaptation responses to—their operations’ impacts on climate change. Combining our skills and expertise with the latest technologies enables us to produce accurate, up to date analyses and solutions that yield meaningful results.

Our specializations include carbon reporting and data management, carbon reduction strategies, policy planning and implementation strategies, adaptation, mitigation, and vulnerability assessments.

Key Services on Climate Change

• Response policy planning and implementation strategies

• Rapid vulnerability assessments

• Climate change assessments and management studies

• Greenhouse gas assessments

• Carbon accounting